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Sugar Rush Cake Gallery

Homemade fresh × Crafted with Love


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Sugar Rush Cake Gallery Too - South

1731 Texas Parkway (FM 2234)

Missouri City, Texas 77489



Sugar Rush Cake Gallery Too - North

The Plazas at Veterans Memorial

10811 Veterans Memorial

Houston, Texas77067






main Phone

(713) 660-RUSH (7874)


main Location

3821 Woodvalley

Houston, TX 77027


main bakery Hours

Tue-Thur 11a–7p
Fri - Sat 11a–8p
Sun & Mon Closed

Sugar Rush Cake Gallery, Inc.


Every business owner has their own reasons for deciding to venture into entrepreneurship. It may be a lifelong dream, a desire to be one’s own boss, or even a hunger for financial stability. It is a known fact that all human beings have a desire to be successful. Our business was opened for a reason far more dear  than dreams, money, or disdain of a less than popular boss. Our bakery’s reason for existing is my sister, Patrice “Trece” Tezeno. My name is Lisa Betts and I am one of the owners of Sugar Rush Cake Gallery, Inc.

The bakery was founded four years ago as a means to save a life. A horrible tragedy occurred that shook my family to it’s core. My younger sister, Trece, suffered through the tragic loss of a her child and was losing her own will to live. As her sister, I could not bear to watch as she spiraled deeper and deeper into depression. She had given up on life and was slowly becoming unable to care for herself, her children and her husband. As her sister, I had to help her by any means necessary.

I always knew of Trece’s love for baking and in this dark time it seemed to be one of the few things that brought her joy. After all, baking was her God-given gift. Baking quickly became a form of therapy for my sister as well as the rest of my family. Of course, I had to do everything in our power to keep my sister and our family attain a level of normalcy. I took the initiative and surprised Trece with a bakery of our own, which she had dreamed of. Thus Sugar Rush Cake Gallery, an old fashioned, homemade, family owned and operated bakery was born-born on a VERY small budget, but alive all the same.

We relied on tasty products and word of mouth for our business but most importantly…..loyal customers.  Most people in our area did not even know our little slice of sugary heaven existed. Our reputation for fresh, homemade desserts and excellent customer service has afforded us the opportunity to grow and help others share in the blessing of business ownership.  In 2016, we opened two franchise locations under the name of Sugar Rush Cake Gallery Too.  One location in Missouri City and the other in North Houston.  We are so excited to share in helping others fulfill their dreams and it means so much to us and our family to make Sugar Rush Cake Gallery a household name.

The amazing thing about our bakery is that we are completely self-taught. We have relied on recipes passed down from our parents, grandparents and even great grandparents.  We want to be the BEST bakery in the Houston area.

Bakery Information:

Sugar Rush Cake Gallery

3821 Woodvalley Drive

Houston, Texas 77025

(713) 660-RUSH (7874)

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